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"If the Swiss Army developed a tool for diagnosing and treating common PC maladies, we think it would look a lot like PC Diag ". While you'll still need a decent trauma kit and replacement parts to get a seriously ill PC up and running, PC Diag can shave hours of time that might otherwise be spent tediously examining every component in search of the culprit. 



  Intended for (PC Support Technicians to troubleshoot Computer Hardware, perform Dats Recovery, Cloning and more on Desktop and Mobile Platforms).

     Master Technicians IT Kit                                                          Professional Technicians Tool Kit

 Service Desktop & Laptop PC's Hardware Failures                                             Service Desktop & Laptop PC's Hardware Failures

    & Perform Data Recovery, Drive Cloning & More


PCDiag Professional Windows RemotePCDiag USB Test PC Diag Professional Windows & DOSPC Diag NIC TestPC Diag Data Recovery            PCDiag Professional Windows RemotePCDiag USB Test PC Diag Professional Windows & DOSPC Diag NIC Test




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  • Includes one years worth of FREE updates on PC-Diag Pro Suite.

When you order one of our Professional Tool Kits or Master Technicians IT Tool Kits you will receive a (5) multi-user license. What does this mean? 

  • When you order our Professional Tool Kit you will receive a PC-Diag Pro Suite ISO to build CD's and a Zip file to build PC Diag USB Drives
  • Use the PC-Diag ISO to build up to (5 CD's plus backups) of both the DOS and Windows Programs
  • Use the Zip file to build up to (5 USB Drives plus backups) of both the DOS and Windows programs
  • Your  DOS, Windows CD's and USB Drives can be used by up to (5) individual technicians at the same time to test as many PC's as they wish to test 100 or 1000 there is no limit!

NOTE: With the Master Technicians IT Kit you receive additional Data Recovery, Drive Cloning Software and more.

Your Physical Shipment will Include all the following below besides the download ISO and ZIP file we email you:

  • One Professional Carry Case
  • One USB Flash Drive
  • One Desktop PCI Slot Motherboard Test Card. Includes remote LCD Display & Cable SEE what's wrong with a system that won't boot, even if the screen is blank!
  • One Power Supply Tester test power supply with dummy load and verifies outputs with LED status.
  • There is plenty of room in the case to put the CD's and your USB drives that you build.


Dear PC Diag,

Recently a customer brought in a "dead" computer and asked us to fix it. We spent about an hour on the PC and determined that it was either the power supply or motherboard or both. We explained
to the customer that we would order the parts in and it would cost them nearly $300.00. They agreed to the repair and I was set to order the hardware when the mailman dropped off my new test Post card. I immediately took it to that machine and found that it was neither the power supply or the motherboard. They were both providing codes perfectly.

Armed with that knowledge, my tech and I broke down the computer and started rebuilding it step by step until it failed. Each time we booted it we tested the system with PC Diag for DOS to ensure the system's stability. We finally found that the customer had been struck by lightening and it had destroyed the modem. We replaced the modem and the computer worked fine.

We called the customer back and explained that we were going to be able to save them nearly $200.00. They were skeptical. Their confidence in us was gone. We explained to them that we would test the computer, overnight to ensure the system's reliability and show them the results.

We again setup PC-Diagnostics for DOS and ran the system for 8 hours. After which we ran the system for another 8 hours using PC Diag for Windows. After we showed the customer the results, all passing of course, their trust was restored, they gladly paid us, and referred another customer to us that day.

Thank you PC Diagnostics for helping. I wish I had purchased this great kit 3 years ago when I started out on my own.


William Schilling, Owner/President
Doc Gadget Computers
an SPS Consolidated, LLC Company