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InfoSpotter SnapShot (System Discovery Engine):


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InfoSpotter SnapShot Professional System Discovery Engine

"RESOLVE CONFIGURATION CONFLICTS NOW! Perfect for Consultant, OEM, and Site License Developers - Corporate MIS Groups"
- PC Magazine Editor's Choice


Find Out What's In Your System FAST

InfoSpotter Snapshot software is the fast, easy way to find out what is in your computer, including the exact identity of the latest CPUs and cache memory. All you do is run the program and it gives you an on-screen report of the contents of the system. Part of the report shows system capability so you can anticipate performance. You can even run the program with a special "FAST" command line parameter that causes it to take a "snapshot" of the configuration, save it to a file, and return to the operating system. You can use InfoSpotter Snapshot to

Identify the cause of and help you prevent configuration conflicts in:
. IRQ signal lines being shared by devices
. DMA signal lines being shared
. I/O addresses being shared
. Memory addresses (ROM and/or RAM) being shared

Print or store system configuration data on disk for future reference

Determine whether a system meets configuration requirements for a specific application

Find out whether a system needs to be upgraded

Repeatedly exercise the system to "burn" it in.

Perfect for Consultant, OEM, and Site License - We have licensed InfoSpotter Snapshot engine to a variety of software companies so they can include it in their software packages, or use it as a sales aid.

Developers save many thousands of dollars and hours of engineering by bundling it into a software package, because they do not have to develop the features of Snapshot themselves. As a result, they bring their own product to market faster, AND they can take advantage of our continual enhancements to keep the discovery engine up to date. A command line parameter allows the program to run in a single pass, save the results to a file, and return to the operating system. The developer's own software can then examine the data file to determine what is in the system.

Sales persons use InfoSpotter to determine whether a prospective customer's system is capable of executing a particular application program. A simple batch file on the diskette can run InfoSpotter Snapshot once and save the result on the diskette. The sales person can evaluate the information then and there, or send it back to the home office for a determination of suitability of the customer's system to the company's application.

Consultants and Corporate MIS Groups use InfoSpotter Snapshot to save the configuration of tens, hundreds, or thousands of systems. The software lets them store all configuration records in a central location to make it easier to assess spare parts and upgrade needs.

InfoSpotter SnapShot Software Features:

. Quick & Easy software uses PC Magazine Editor's Choice award-winning discovery engine
. Takes a snapshot of PC configuration
. Shows IRQ, DMA, I/O, Memory USED and AVAILABLE
. Reports CPU, speed, video, drives, drive space, CD, sound, mouse, modem, serial/parallel, game,
. Displays system "Rating" (poor, fair, good, great, wow), based on configuration detected
. Allows YOU to change rating factors
. Saves configuration data for one or more PCs to a file for future comparison
. Runs in continuous "burn-in" loops for fault isolation
. Runs under DOS 3+ or Windows
. This is a mandatory MUST HAVE tool for all consultants

What is the Actual Information Displayed?

InfoSpotter Snapshot shows you a massive amount of information about your system, as shown with the below sample printed display list from a Compaq Presario computer.


                      System Configuration Report                             

                             Date 05/03/97                                    


                       Compaq Presario Computer                               





 SYSTEM RATING -------------------------------------------------------------- 

                          Result    Poor    Fair    Good     Great    Wow!    

 CPU                     Pentium                               X              

 Free base memory           592K                      X                       

 Extended memory           15.0M                      X                       

 Video memory               1.0M                      X                       

 Total disk space        2772.4M                                       X      

 Free disk space          106.3M                      X                       

 DOS Version                7.10                                       X      

 Windows version            4.00                                       X      

 CONFIGURATION DETAILS ------------------------------------------------------ 

  Computer type: AT Compatible                                                

      BIOS Date: 04/12/1995                                                   

 BIOS Copyright: Copyright(c) 1982, 1994 Compaq Computer Corporation - all    

      Processor: 90MHz Pentium, Protected mode                                

          CPUID: Family 5, Model 2, Step 4, vendor ID 'GenuineIntel'          

   Supports MMX: No                                                           

    Coprocessor: (Built-in)                                                   

       Bus type: ISA, PCI                                                     

 MEMORY --------------------------------------------------------------------- 

    Main memory:   640K  Expanded memory:     0K  Extended memory: 15360K     

      Available:   592K        Available:     0K        Available: 11836K     

 OPERATING SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------- 

     DOS version: 7.10                                                        

 Windows version: 4.00  Windows 95 (Windows 95)                               

    Installed in: C:\WINDOWS                                                  

 PHYSICAL DRIVES ------------------------------------------------------------ 

     Diskette 0:    1.44 MB (3.5)                                             

   Fixed disk 0:  1214.7 MB  64 heads,   617 cylinders,  63 sectors           

   Fixed disk 1:  1210.7 MB  64 heads,   615 cylinders,  63 sectors           

   CDROM drives: 1 (F:)            MSCDEX version: 2.95                       

 LOGICAL DRIVES ------------------------------------------------------------- 

 Drive  Type               Volume Name       Total Space   Free Space         

  C:    Local              MAIN DISK             1198.5M        11.3M         

  D:    Local              AUX DISK              1208.3M        95.0M         

  F:    Local              PHOTOCD                365.5M         0.0M         

 VIDEO ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 

      Primary: Cirrus Logic SVGA, 1024K                                       

    Copyright: Copyright 1992-1995 Cirrus Logic, Inc. All Rights Reserved.    

 VESA version: 1.2      OEM: Cirrus Logic GD-54xx VGA                         

    Secondary: None                                                           

 DEVICES -------------------------------------------------------------------- 

   Serial Ports: COM1: at 03F8 is a 16550 with FIFO buffers                   

                 COM2: at 02F8 is a 16550 with FIFO buffers                   

 Parallel Ports: LPT1: at 0378                                                

     Sound card: Sound Blaster Pro DSP Version 3.1                            

       Keyboard: Enhanced                                                     

          Mouse: 2 button PS/2 Mouse, driver version  8.30                    

 IRQ USAGE ------------------------------------------------------------------ 

 Number  Status  Devices                          Seg. Ofs.   Points to       

 IRQ  0  Active  Timer output 0                     22F2:01CC Free Memory     

 IRQ  1  Active  Keyboard                           08F5:0028 BIOS Data Area  

 IRQ  2  Active  Cascade                            F000:9BD0 System ROM      

 IRQ  3   ----   COM2:                              F000:9BD0 System ROM      

 IRQ  4   ----   COM1:                              F000:9BD0 System ROM      

 IRQ  5   ----   Sound card                         F000:9BD0 System ROM      

 IRQ  6  Active  Diskette                           08F5:009A BIOS Data Area  

 IRQ  7   ----   LPT1:                              0070:0465 IO (IRET)       

 IRQ  8   ----   Real Time Clock                    08F5:0035 BIOS Data Area  

 IRQ  9  Active  Redirect Cascade                   F000:9C1F System ROM      

 IRQ 10   ----                                      F000:9BD0 System ROM      

 IRQ 11   ----                                      F000:9BD0 System ROM      

 IRQ 12  Active  Mouse                              08F5:00E2 BIOS Data Area  

 IRQ 13  Active  Co-Processor                       F000:9C28 System ROM      

 IRQ 14  Active  Fixed Disk                         08F5:00FA BIOS Data Area  

 IRQ 15   ----                                      F000:9BD0 System ROM      

 DMA USAGE ------------------------------------------------------------------ 

 Number  Devices                                                              

  DMA 0                                                                       

  DMA 1  Sound card                                                           

  DMA 2  Diskette                                                             

  DMA 3                                                                       

 UPPER MEMORY USAGE --------------------------------------------------------- 

 Start   End                              Size                                

 0C0000  0C7FFF  Video BIOS                32K                                

 0C8000  0D0FFF  RAM                       36K                                

 0D1000  0D1FFF  Not used                   4K                                

 0D2000  0D3FFF  RAM                        8K                                

 0D4000  0DFFFF  Not used                  48K                                

 0E0000  0E3FFF  ROM BIOS                  16K                                

 0E4000  0E67FF  ROM                       10K                                

 0E6800  0E6FFF  Not used                   2K                                

 0E7000  0E77FF  ROM                        2K                                

 0E7800  0E7BFF  Not used                   1K                                

 0E7C00  0EFFFF  ROM                       33K                                

 0F0000  0FFFFF  System ROM                64K                                

 I/O PORT USAGE ------------------------------------------------------------- 

 Device Name             Start      End    Length                             

 Available               0100      012F      0030                             

 Unknown Device          0130      0137      0008                             

 Available               0138      01EF      00B8                             

 Fixed Disk              01F0      01F7      0008                             

 Available               01F8      021F      0028                             

 Sound card              0220      022F      0010                             

 Available               0230      023F      0010                             

 Unknown Device          0240      0257      0018                             

 Available               0258      02F7      00A0                             

 Serial port 2           02F8      02FF      0008                             

 Available               0300      036F      0070                             

 Unknown Device          0370      0377      0008                             

 Parallel port 1         0378      037F      0008                             

 Available               0380      0387      0008                             

 Sound card              0388      038F      0008                             

 Available               0390      03BF      0030                             

 CGA, EGA, VGA adapter   03C0      03DF      0020                             

 Available               03E0      03EF      0010                             

 Diskette Adapter        03F0      03F7      0008                             

 Serial port 1           03F8      03FF      0008                             


What is the System Rating Table?

The system rating table identifies the level of capability a system must have to be rated as fair, good, great, or wow. You may edit the settings so as to let the system rating report reflect system rating according to YOUR standards. An example is shown below.

+- Ratings Configuration ---------------------------------------------------[_]+

                            Fair        Good       Great        Wow!          

                CPU type:    386         486     Pentium   Pentium Pro        

         Extended memory:     1M          6M         16M         24M          

        Free base memory:   570K        590K        615K        626K          

    Free extended memory:   NA          NA          NA          NA            

        Total disk space:   220M        512M       1024M       2048M          

         Free disk space:    20M         80M        512M       1024M          

             DOS Version:   5.00        6.20        7.00        7.10          

         Windows version:   3.00        3.10        3.11        4.00          

               Video RAM:   512K       1024K       2048K       4096K          



Now you can have Absolute Certainty, Reduce Confusion and Troubleshooting Time, and Make MORE Money!