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Computer Windows Burn In- Benchmark and used to identify PC Hardware failures and faults : Intended for PC Builders, PC Refurbishers, Computer Manufacturers, System Builders and Assembly Technicians.


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"PC Upgrade's - Utility of the Month" PC Upgrade Magazine

"Pinpoint any PC failure. Amazing system. You'll be a HERO!"  - John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine, Inside Track

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  Intended for PC Builders, PC Refurbishers and Assembly Technicians     Designed to Detect, Analyze and Report on the NIC cards installed in your PC

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Accurate burn-in testing of pc hardware

+ Verifies repaired computer hardware 

+ Improves Quality Control. 

+ Reduces RMA's

+ Reduces Support Costs

+ Increases Customer Satisfaction

= Increased Profits

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Available by Download or Physical Shipment Including a Download

Your Physical Shipment Will Include:

  • Your choice of a CD, USB Flash Drive or both each with ( 2 ) seperate programs
  • Note: If you order a CD you will receive one CD
  • Your CD will include :  PC-Diag Burn-In Windows
  • Your CD will also include :  PC-Diag NIC Test
  • Note: If you order by USB Flash Drive you will receive both programs on one drive.

PC Benchmark Test Software and PC Burn-In Software Windows Description

The Ideal Factory PC Burn-In Stress Test Program - PC Diag Burn-In Windows is a suite of PC test and reporting functions in one software package intended for PC builders and assembly technicians. Based on a suite of proprietary, high level tests and utilities developed originally for Intel, PC Diag contains technology that has withstood picky field-testing since 1981. It has been massively enhanced over the years to stay abreast of advancing technology. It contains PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award-Winning Info Spotter Discovery Engine technology. PC Diag has helped thousands upon thousands of discriminating PC technicians save time and money troubleshooting system problems and stress-testing systems before delivering them to customers.


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System Requirements & Platforms                                                      

PC-Diag Windows is compatible with the following operating systems Windows 2000,  2000 Pro, XP,  Windows 2003, Vista and Windows 7 Ready. It is recommended to have at least 20MB free space on your hard drive and 64MB of memory.

In DOS Mode it runs on all standard PC-type systems regardless of hardware configuration, from the oldest systems based on processors like Intel 386/486 to the latest ones like Intel Dual Core Duo and AMD Opteron/Athlon FX2. No matter what operating system is installed on your PC (Windows, Linux, DOS), simply boot up from our specially configured floppy drive's, CDROMS or USB drives, and run complex tests on your hardware.

Network Booting PC-Diag as PXE Server:      PXE Booting in Linux         PXE Booting in Windows

Burn-In Features

  1. Complete Computer Diagnostics (single-test and batch mode) for PC Manufacturers and assembly technicians - Excellent for factory stress-testing before shipping computers to customer
  2. Provides System Configuration information identifies installed hardware. Excellent for Repair and Warranty Records. Fabulous for proving what is inside the system without having to remove the cover
  3. Test all major standard IBM-compatible PC/AT components: CPU (including multiple CPUs), Motherboard, Memory, Disk Drives, CD ROM Drives, Sound, Video, Serial/Parallel/USB Ports, Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick and more. Tests are grouped by device. You may run them in multiple passes or for specific time periods and log summary or full results to printer or file. Excellent for field engineers, bench technicians, and factory burn-in testing. Proven diagnostics give you confidence your system is functioning properly.
  4. Benchmark Tests of CPU, Math, Video, Hard Drive, and CD ROM, runs in continuous loops to show you how the system is performing, and allow you to detect performance bottlenecks in the system.
  5. Utilities let you verify hard drive formatting and basic integrity, and exercise remote or local serial devices.
  6. Comprehensive Context-Sensitive Help, Coaches, Repair Tips, and manual built-in to help you find what you need to know when you need it by pressing one or two keys. Keeps you oriented, effective without searching for a manual.
  7. Provides solid reliability to reduce warranty costs by burning in (stress-testing) systems so they fail in the factory, not at the customer location.

PC-Diag Burn In Windows Description                         

Features and Benefits in Windows Mode

  • Advance batch testing capabilities. Create your own  batch test files or use our predefined Full and Quick test.
  • Need more tests? Run them in a loop and review the log file when tests completed.
  • Rugged system diagnostic test.
  • Simplified command line parameters.
  • Accurate and detailed test logs.    Copy/paste/save/email test logs.
  • Comprehensive report about your computer and operating system.
  • Customizable snapshot report.

Advanced Testing in Windows Mode

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • CD/DVD drives
  • Floppy Drives
  • Monitor
  • Video Card
  • Network Card
  • Modem
  • Sound cards
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • USB
  • PCI
  • System Board Devices
  • Serial Ports
  • Parallel Ports


Why you should buy PC Diag Burn-In - We have many gratified and prestigious customers who rely on PC Diag day in and day out to help them test and troubleshoot computer problems. Because the Burn In version is available under special volume licensing, manufacturers find it to be profoundly cost-effective way to prepare systems for delivery to customers.

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