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  PC Remote Diagnostics & Help Desk Software for PC Hardware Troubleshooting

    Intended for Help Desk Operations or PC Repair Centers to perform Remote Hardware Diagnostics across the LAN, WAN or Internet.



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Available as: Download Only. 

Download includes: 1 x PC-Diag Windows Pro Diagnostic + 1 x Remote Helpdesk Consol + 5 x Remote Clients. 

OEM & Customization Options Available. PC-Diag Windows Professional can be supplied in formats for bundling etc, and customized to customer requirements. Contact us for details.

All software orders include one years worth of FREE updates!

This software is also included with our PC-Diag Professional Suite.

PC Diagnostics Remote Diagnostics Software:

Further Details about PC-Diag's PC Remote Diagnostics & Help Desk Solutions       

PC-Diag Windows Professional + Remote Helpdesk Suite is an Award Winning Diagnostic Software for Professional Technicians, that simply can't be beaten for price and features. PC-Diag Windows Pro + Remote Suite is a Windows hardware diagnostic with remote capabilities, incorporating remote helpdesk software that has the ability to deploy PC-Diag Windows Pro's feature-rich set of exhaustive diagnostic tools, over LAN or WAN networks or the internet. The ideal solution for a PC builder or remote help desk technician.

Use PC-Diag Windows Professional as a standalone Windows PC Diagnostic or use it as a PC Remote Control Software. PC-Diag's Windows PC remote control PC hardware diagnostic software enables your remote help desk technicians to obtain detailed PC hardware information and run complex computer hardware diagnostic tests. All this can be done instantly and remotely across the LAN, WAN or INTERNET at any location worldwide, right from the users desk. When the PC-Diag remote controller software and remote client have recognized each other, the test menu appears and the Controller operator can run external programs, test the remote system's hardware, and chat "on-line or by the telephone" with the client.   

PC Diag's PC remote help desk solutions testing capability lets you run the same complex hardware tests on your customers, employees or client's computer that you might run on your own, without leaving your desk! Imagine the time and money you'll save on unnecessary on-site service calls and replacement parts, especially when the problem was "operator error or a software application", not part of your Warranty!

Support personnel can perform the remote PC hardware testing on the client's computer while the client watches! This means training and corrective measures are built-in! To achieve remote testing, you simply need a controller for the support person and remote client for the PC to be tested:

  • PC-Diag Remote Controller Software - This is used by by the PC Technician or Help-Desk technician to connect to the remote client over the LAN, WAN or Internet. It will allow the technician to control all hardware testing on the Remote PC's. The Controller can also be used as a standalone diagnostic and can be moved from one system to another. This means you can use it to test 10 systems or 1000 systems one system at a time per license.
  • PC-Diag Remote Client Software - Install the client on the remote PC that is being tested.
  • NOTE: You could bundle the client or simply send your customers a link to download the client from your website.
  • Remote Licensing: You will receive 5 remote clients along with your Remote controller license. Each one of the five remote clients can be moved from one system to another.

System Requirements, Platforms  & Licensing


PC-Diag Windows: This version is compatible with the following operating systems Windows 2000,  2000 Pro, XP,  Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008. It is recommended to have at least 20MB free space on your hard drive and 64MB of memory.

A PC-Diag single user license can be utilized to troubleshoot multiple computer systems for suspected hardware failure. Our software does not necessarily reside on the hard drive of any one system as does most software that will not allow you to move the license or run it on additional PC's.

PC Diag Client Security

PC-Diag Remote Help Desk Solutions provide security features that ensure your customers systems are completely protected, all unauthorized access to sensitive areas and personal files of the customer's system are completely inaccessible.

Technicians performing the remote hardware diagnostics can only view the systems configuration files, but the technician can not edit them. Additionally the client / customer can decide what technician will be allowed on their system and for what duration of time, so the client / customer always has complete control of the testing being performed.

Features and Benefits              

  • Display and record the possibilities of negative effects during configuration changes and hardware upgrades.
  • Accurate and Detailed test logs information.
  •  Detailed logs of all test results can immediately be provided cutting down or completely eliminating costly product returns, wasted time and money.
  • Remote PC Diagnostic solutions customizing available.
  • Remote Clients can be pre-installed or downloaded to your customers PC
  • Comprehensive report about your computer components, and operating system so you can determine whether or not your PC is performing the way it should be. ( Compare how well your PC is performing based on similar machines).
  • The Windows version will allow its user to completely test video, sound, net card and other devices that require Windows drivers.  
  • Save time and money on costly repairs by checking your PC's hardware yourself and then calling a professional only if you need one.
  • Accurate and Detailed test logs information.
  • When support technicians are required, detailed logs of all test results can immediately be provided cutting down or completely eliminating costly product returns, wasted time and money.
  • PC Diagnostic customizing available.
  • PC Diagnostics can be installed on the users hard drive or ordered on CD-ROM, other OEM formats are available upon request.
  • Rugged System Diagnostic Test
  • Basic Configuration Report
  • Robust Context-Sensitive Help
  • Easy to Use Menu System
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Warranty Guard ( Witness first hand remotely if a customer has tampered with or replaced Hardware thus voiding the Manufacturers Warranty).

Additional Test Features & Advanced Testing                       

  • Processor ( Manual or Automated Testing 100,000 Repetitions)
  • Dual Core, Quad Core
  • 64bit
  • Memory ( Manual or Automated Testing)
  • Hard Drives ( Manual or Automated Testing)
  • CD/DVD drives ( Manual or Automated Testing)
  • Floppy Drives ( Manual or Automated Testing)
  • Monitor
  • Video Card
  • Network Card
  • Modem
  • Sound cards
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • USB
  • PCI
  • System Board Devices
  • Clean Up Tools

PC-Diag Windows Pro & Remote includes NIC Test

PC-Diag NIC Test was designed to detect and perform a network diagnostic on the cards installed in your computer. This simple to use, but professional network interface card test software will diagnose your system right down to low level information. The NIC Test provides its user with detailed reporting, network card information, traffic statistics and more!


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Dear Sir / Madam,

It is with great relief and gratitude that I can report successful tests of both controller and client software prior to rollout on our remote support system. Without your timely assistance on what was a curious issue with installshield and issued serial numbers we would have lost a valuable contract where (as is the norm), the client had left issues to the penultimate minute before seeking assistance.

Your PCDiag Pro software has already proven itself useful with our test machines; with difficult-to-diagnose issues being readily identified.

Deploying this software (where required), in combination with our VPN remote access system, guarantees that maintaining and running diagnostics will ultimately be more time & cost effective in orders of magnitude for our organization, especially where the alternative would be to dispatch a field engineer literally thousands of kilometers into some of the most remote areas of Outback Australia.

There is a tendency to forget (even here), that within these vast areas of terrain ranging from desert to rainforest, where only corporate entities have the resources to fund IT support programs, there also live families. These families often only link to the outside world is by Satellite communications, where their children are educated on computers via the internet.

In the past, these families have had to resort to literally ‘flying out’ their machine or ‘flying in’ a field engineer when something goes awry with this valuable educational tool: A cost that some families can now barely afford due to the ‘economic disaster’ that was our recent record-breaking drout.

Thankfully, due to your efforts and your excellent products, PC support for these people is now financially viable.

Many thanks indeed,

Vance Hampson

Task Tech Computing Solutions


25 Oakdale Avenue

NERANG QLD 4211    

OEM Bundles You Profit From Product, Value, and Savings    

PC-Diag Remote PC Diagnostic Software Client version is the perfect software package to bundle with computer systems and other system components.

Yes, PC-Diag is a technician's dream tool and Remote help desk solutions testing rounds out your customer service, and will significantly lower customer support costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Bundling PC-Diag allows you to promote PC Remote control computer support to your customers. This makes your company and product more attractive to prospective customers, improves your market appeal compared to the competition, and allows you to sell more computers.

Why you should buy our PC Remote Diagnostic Software- We have many gratified and prestigious customers who rely on our Diagnostic Software day in and day out to help them test and troubleshoot their computers.

In conclusion, this is why it is crucial that anyone attempting to diagnose and troubleshoot computers carry more than one Computer Diagnostic Tool in their arsenal. You can be assured that the line of computer diagnostics we carry will compliment any and all situations, plus more than pay for itself many times over.  That is why some of the largest companies in the United States and abroad have chosen our diagnostics, for many years.