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PC Diag's Awards, Magazine Reviews and Testomonials

"If you have anything to do with maintenance or repair, call these guys immediately" - John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine

"Having a copy of PC Diag around is akin to having a little X-ray machine on a disk." - LOGAN DECKER - Maximum PC Magazine

"PC Upgrade's - Utility of the Month" PC Upgrade Magazine

"Pinpoint any PC failure. Amazing system. You'll be a HERO!"  - John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine, Inside Track

"If the Swiss Army developed a tool for diagnosing and treating common PC maladies, we think it would look a lot like PC Diag ".

While you'll still need a decent trauma kit and replacement parts to get a seriously ill PC up and running, PC Diag can shave hours of time

that might otherwise be spent tediously examining every component in search of the culprit.  - LOGAN DECKER, MaximumPC Magazine

PC-Diag OEM & Service Center Enterprise License Holder

Dear PC Diag,

Our company has been using your program for over 4 years now with great success. We were awarded business in multiple countries in Latin America and needed a robust testing suite for all platforms and PC Diag was a no brainer. The demo of the program helped us determine it was the best choice across all models. It tests every aspect of the machine and our capture rate of failures with your suite is excellent. We can be sure the machines are leaving in working conditions and to the requirements of our customers.
Not only does PC Diag offer a great testing program but it also offers a great value. Other companies we looked at wanted thousands of dollars more for a similar license and required monthly reporting, you did not. As an Enterprise license holder we especially like that fact that we can quickly create as many CD's and USB Drives in Low Level, Windows or Remote for better expand ability with no limitations or restrictions. Your customer service is excellent also, with reps able to answer my questions quickly and professional.

Daniel Flores
4051 N. HWY 121

Customer Service & Support

You guys have unbelieveably fast and extrememly friendly customer service.   The time the diagnostic card has already saved me goes well beyond the cost of the
entire professional tool kit.   Thank you so much for great experience!!


David Yelavich

As requested, I just want to verify that I have finally received my package, and I must say it was well worth the wait! Thanks for such a high quality product! I look forward to conducting business with you again in the future.

Adrienne Hartley

Awesome Tool Kit Great

Dear PC Diag

Recently a customer brought in a dead computer and asked us to fix it. We determined that it was either the power supply or motherboard or both. I was set to order the hardware when the mailman dropped off my new PCDiag Kit. I immediately took it to that machine and found that it was neither the power supply or the motherboard. We found the problem a bad modem which we replaced.

We called the customer back and explained that we were going to
save them nearly 200.00 after quoting them 300.00. After we showed the customer the test results all passing of course they gladly paid us and referred another customer to us that day.

I wish I had purchased this great kit when I started out. I might mention that I shopped around before I purchased your kit. Sorry but I never mentioned
that to you before I purchased. Your kit paid for itself the first few days I had it.


William Grayhall President
Grayhall PC Repair Center

PC-Diag Loyal Customer

Dear PC-Diag,

I am the owner of Ceilings Unlimited, Inc. and work fulltime for NCCI Holdings, Inc as a Break/Fix Technician. I have been working with PC computers since the early 80's, starting with the original IBM PC, being part of the design team. I have purchased your PC Diags for Technicians for several years now, mainly to verify the source of hardware problems. The programs I mainly use are for checking the processor, memory, hard drive and network. The PC Diags programs have saved many hours during trouble shooting .

Bruce P. Smith

Awesome Deal

This was very cool and the only company I found that would actually offer a fully functional demo of both DOS & Windows. I used the DOS program to repair one of the systems in my shop, one use paid for itself $9.95, I thought they we're kidding until I used it. I commend you PC-Diag!

I know it is impossible to copy-protect DOS without a dongle, I mean after all you have no connection to the Internet, so your unlock system worked great for me. Although I didn't really need the Windows as well, but for the price tossing it in the mix as I already said was cool. I do plan on using the remote portion just haven't gotten to it yet. Thanks, I couldn't afford to pay the full price right now for your suite, but I will be back for it, times are tough.

Eric R. Stevens

PC Diag Windows Professional and Remote Testimonial


Dear Sir / Madam,

It is with great relief and gratitude that I can report successful tests of both controller and client software prior to rollout on our remote support system. Without your timely assistance on what was a curious issue with installshield and issued serial numbers we would have lost a valuable contract where (as is the norm), the client had left issues to the penultimate minute before seeking assistance.

Your PCDiag Pro software has already proven itself useful with our test machines; with difficult-to-diagnose issues being readily identified.

Deploying this software (where required), in combination with our VPN remote access system, guarantees that maintaining and running diagnostics will ultimately be more time & cost effective in orders of magnitude for our organization, especially where the alternative would be to dispatch a field engineer literally thousands of kilometers into some of the most remote areas of Outback Australia.

There is a tendency to forget (even here), that within these vast areas of terrain ranging from desert to rainforest, where only corporate entities have the resources to fund IT support programs, there also live families. These families often only link to the outside world is by Satellite communications, where their children are educated on computers via the internet.

In the past, these families have had to resort to literally ‘flying out’ their machine or ‘flying in’ a field engineer when something goes awry with this valuable educational tool: A cost that some families can now barely afford due to the ‘economic disaster’ that was our recent record-breaking drout.

Thankfully, due to your efforts and your excellent products, PC support for these people is now financially viable.

Many thanks indeed,

Vance Hampson

Task Tech Computing Solutions


25 Oakdale Avenue


PC Diag Burn-In Testimonial

COMPLIMENTS: On behalf of Quintum Technologies, I would like to commend your company, PC Diag, for the development of the new release of Burn-In.  The ability to launch it directly from a USB key is a major factor in choosing your product.   

1.)  Having the application(s) on a USB-key allows Quintum to test a product over a number of days, because of the ample storage space on the key.  In the past we would typically run out of space on the floppy disk before an appropriate number of cycles had been completed.  

  2.)  It also allows us to add any custom DOS applications that we may wish to run.  Addition vendor specific diagnostic checks are typically run on every unit.  The additional space on the USB-key allows us to store and run these applications from one source.  This saves us time and ultimately money in training, production and not having to support different media types. 

  3.)  Having enough space on one key for everything makes them all identical.  Every key is instantly replaceable.  If a different piece of media was needed for each application, it would be costly, confusing, and difficult at best to track and concatenate the results of a unit.  

4.)  The USB-Keys act as a secondary back-up source of the test result files.  The keys allow Quintum to store the results of every unit that a particular key has tested.  The space allows the storage of, not only the PC-Diag logs, but the logs of the third party vendors as well.  It could prove useful if the test results were ever lost due to a corporate system hard disk drive failure.  Additionally we found a trend in our original application where it turned out that a particular key had an older version of a program.   Since all of the result files were stored on the key, we found that all the failed units had been tested with this one key.  It made it easier to analyze the issue and find the link to the root cause.  The program was updated and the failures stopped.   

5.)  Having the program on media that is supplied from PC Diag should reduce customer service calls.  If the customer is allowed to format and partition the USB key, PC-Diag would be dealing with calls on un-supported hardware, not to mention unhappy customers.  There is little time for things that do not work out of the box.  Supplying the code pre-configured on approved media eliminates these potential customer issues.   6.)  It is important to Quintum Technologies, Inc. to Burn-In our systems at their maximum rated temperature.  We are glad to see that the Burn-In software on the PC-Diag supplied USB-key has been functioning well, continuously for twelve (12) days at temperatures ranging from 45 to 50 ºC.  This was a pleasant and welcome surprise, as it is critical that the keys can survive this environment.

Michael R. Fink
Hardware Engineer
Quintum Technologies, Inc., 

PC Diag Professional Kit Testimonial

Dear Mr. Burbridge,

Recently a customer brought in a "dead" computer and asked us to fix it. We spent about an hour on the PC and determined that it was either the power supply or motherboard or both. We explained
to the customer that we would order the parts in and it would cost them nearly $300.00. They agreed to the repair and I was set to order the hardware when the mailman dropped off my new Flip-Post card. I immediately took it to that machine and found that it was neither the power supply or the motherboard. They were both providing codes perfectly.

Armed with that knowledge, my tech and I broke down the computer and started rebuilding it step by step until it failed. Each time we booted it we tested the system with PC Diag for DOS to ensure the system's stability. We finally found that the customer had been struck by lightening and it had destroyed the modem. We replaced the modem and the computer worked fine.

We called the customer back and explained that we were going to be able to save them nearly $200.00. They were skeptical. Their confidence in us was gone. We explained to them that we would test the computer, overnight to ensure the system's reliability and show them the results.

We again setup PC-Diagnostics for DOS and ran the system for 8 hours. After which we ran the system for another 8 hours using PC Diag for Windows. After we showed the customer the results, all passing of course, their trust was restored, they gladly paid us, and referred another customer to us that day.

Thank you PC Diagnostics for helping. I wish I had purchased this great kit 3 years ago when I started out on my own.


William Schilling, Owner/President
Doc Gadget Computers
an SPS Consolidated, LLC Company

PC Diag Support Testimonial

   Support, thank you for your prompt follow up and excellent service on PC Diagnostics.  As you know, my PC crashed last weekend and getting everything back in running order was quite a task.I have been pleased with the performance of your program, and its modest price.  Moreover, I am quite impressed with your desire to provide outstanding support to your customers.
     As a retired Sr VP/General Mgr of Equifax's marketing research arm, Elrick & Lavidge, I remember a number of studies for major firms dealing with the issue of customer satisfaction.  I would immediately classify you and your firm in the top two percent of companies actually dedicated to the needs and satisfaction of
your customers.
     Best regards
     Rudy Rau
     Colorado Springs,CO

PC Diag Lite Testimonial


Within the past week, I ordered your PC-Diagnostics lite
program. Today I received a courtesy call from one of your staff
asking me how I liked the program, if there were any issues and
my overall satisfaction.

First, let me say that I have never received a call after
purchasing a program for my computer from any other company. The
mere fact that you take the time to do this, tells me you are a
first class company and your staff is top notch at well.

  I have no complaints whatsoever and wanted to take this time to
thank you for providing a product to the home computer user
where they can easily determine if their computer and components
are working properly or if a problem exists.

Keep up the great work!


Robert Holcomb


We are three person IT department serving 500 users and almost daily we find ways to use your software to make network administration easier. I am now to the point where I can't imagine us being able to operate and keep all our servers and the network running w/o your software.
Thank you, thank you. --Randy

Best tool I have used so far. Used your utility, changed boot.ini (after renaming the original one), and I was back in business. Wasted almost 12 hrs and a sleepless night before I used your tool. Was up and running in less than 20 minutes.
Thanks and Appreciate the product. --Milind

It is truly great product. I have been using for few years now and prior to that I had to reinstall a windows every once in a while. I was able to recover all my important data to external drive and not worry about losing anything that would take me forever to find.
Keep up the great work. --Adam