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PC-Diag Pro For Windows - Features & Capabilities

PC-Diag Pro Windows uses the same exhaustive diagnostic tests as PC-Diag Self Boot diagnostic software, but adapted for use in Windows. It can be installed and run from the hard drive, as well as CD-ROM disk and USB Pen Drive, other OEM formats are available on request. Compatible with Win 2000, 2000 Pro, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7 with at least 20MB free space on the hard drive and 64MB system memory. Site & Enterprise Licensing and OEM Customization is available for this product, please contact us with your requirements.


General Features - 

System Information - Directly queries the hardware to identify the exact device such as CPU, NPU, BIOS name and version, fixed disk including manufacturer name and model number, video and ports. System information is extremely detailed, incorporated from DMI, Plug & Play, and PCI resources and includes information pooled from the DMI (Desktop Management Information) area of the BIOS, it shows extended system information such as supported bus types, maximum speed and voltage settings for the CPU, as well as cache size and type. Also supports DMI 2.0 specification.

Hard Disk Testing - Performs Read, Write, and Butterfly Seek tests on any fixed disk. Also displays and edits physical parameters, partition parameters, and CMOS parameters on any drive. This is not a database and does not have to be updated. Can distinguish the drive controller from the drive mechanism and find any physical or electronic defect on the drive or controller. 

Multi-Processor Support & Testing - Identifies and tests multi Processor configurations, including the latest Intel and AMD Multi Core processors.

Health Status - This feature displays CPU temperatures, fan speeds, and voltage readings. This feature is BIOS dependent. If your system’s BIOS does not include Health Status, this feature will not produce any results.

IDE and SCSI Identification - Shows IDE model, serial number, and firmware version, and SCSI manufacturer name, product name, and SCSI bus width support.

Plug and Play Identification - Provides actual locations on all installed and active Plug and Play devices.

PCI Identification - Detects all PCI devices on the bus and provides basic parameters for each listed device including device number, ID, type, subtype, and device attributes.

USB Identification & Testing - Identifies USB host controllers and thoroughly tests the functionality of USB Bus & attached USB Devices.

Batch Tests/Report Features - Allows continuous or pass-bound running of any or all tests and automatically generates a full diagnostic report which can be saved to disk, output to a printer or displayed on screen.

Save/Restore CMOS - Create a safe backup of the CMOS contents and restore the CMOS as needed.

Save/Restore MBR - Save a copy of the Master Boot Record to a backup file, and restore it as needed to the same drive or another drive.

System Board Tests - Accurate testing of the CPU, NPU, 16 IRQ channels, 8 DMA channels, Real Time Clock, Keyboard controller, Clock Timer Chip, PS/2 Mouse controller, and speaker.

Video Testing - Accurately tests video adapter to the extent of the capabilities of the card, regardless of monitor limitations, and all video memory without size limitations. Tests video RAMDAC (if supported by the video card), screen focus testing, and extended VESA testing on newer video cards.

SCSI Testing - SCSI Testing includes Read, Write, and Seek capabilities of SCSI drives.

Cache Memory Testing - Internal and external cache memory, including sub-systems, are tested to identify exact failures. PC-Diag Pro will also determine if the cache controller is active.

Floppy Disk Testing - Accurately tests any portion of a floppy drive including Read, Write, Format, Safe Write, and Butterfly Seek Tests. Tests all media formats up to 2.88MB and includes a user-defined option for higher media formats.

Peripheral Testing - Complete testing of mouse, joystick, keyboard, printer port, printers, and sleep button.

Serial and Parallel Port Testing - Provides extensive testing for all ports. Detects the interrupt a serial or parallel device is actually using regardless of how it is believed to be configured. All lines are tested on the external tests (requires loopback connectors not supplied). Instantly identifies UART capabilities. Also tests FIFO capabilities, if present.

Modem Testing - Tests modems in connected or non-connected mode, including AT modem commands. Retrieves modem information and type directly from the modem’s chipset. Ability to exercise (burn-in) modem chipset 

CD ROM/DVD Testing - Performs Read and Seek tests of CD-ROM, CD-ROMs in DVD drives, and CD-R drives. Sound card tests include full synthesizer tests with frequency as well as volume and gain control testing for left, right, and stereo channels. CD-ROM/DVD information includes speed, buffer size, and read/write capabilities. Also includes standard AC’97 multimedia testing.

LAN Card Testing - PC-Diag Pro internally tests all LAN cards in a system, with extensive detailed reporting on hardware, speed and traffic volume.

IDE Drive Testing - Tests Read and Seek functions of removable drives including LS-120, Iomega ZIP, and CD-ROM/DVD drives. 

Real-time Benchmarks - The benchmarks in PC-Diag Pro are based on the Real Time Clock (RTC), combined with comparisons to benchmark systems for accurate comparison.

PC- Diag Pro Windows Diagnostics - Features and Benefits 

No need for a manual - Easy To Use and Instructional Interface, operates intuitively from user-friendly menus, context-sensitive help, and mouse or keyboard control.

Intuitive Operation - Tests grouped by device. Run in multiple passes or for specific time periods and log summary or full results to printer or file. 

Comprehensive & Accurate Reporting - Accurate and Detailed Configuration Reports cover all system hardware. Excellent for Repair Records, Conflict Resolution, Inventory Control, Loss Prevention, Warranty Validation etc.

Drivers Loaded Testing - Enables complete & rigorous testing of video, sound, network cards and other devices with Windows drivers loaded. 

Essential For Researching Upgrades - Display and record the possible negative effects of hardware upgrades and configuration changes.

Compare Configurations - Detailed configuration reports can be saved and compared, spot configuration or hardware changes at a glance.

Detailed Test Logs - Essential for problem analysis by qualified technicians.

Remote Diagnosis Capability - Includes Remote Helpdesk Software & 5 Clients to diagnose PC's remotely over a LAN, WAN or the Internet. more..

Improves Quality Control - Detailed test results help cut down or completely eliminate costly product returns, wasted time and money.

Saves Time and Money - By going straight to the cause of a problem.

Boosts Customer Satisfaction - With PC-Diag, you can be confident that hardware isn't going to fail after repair or delivery to your customer.



Processor Testing - Single Core, Dual Core, Quad Core (Manual or Automated - up to 100,000 Repetitions).
Memory (Manual or Automated Testing)
Hard Drives (Manual or Automated Testing)
CD/DVD drives (Manual or Automated Testing)
Floppy Drives (Manual or Automated Testing)
Video Card
Multiple Network Cards
Sound Card
USB Bus and attached USB Devices
System Board Devices
Serial Ports (serial loop back plug required - not supplied*)
Parallel Ports ( parallel loop back plug required - not supplied*) 


*We no longer include Loopback plugs as they are expensive and increasingly unnecessary with modern hardware, however they can be easily and cheaply made, just follow the instructions supplied here. How to make Loopback Plugs


Hard Disk Cleanup Tools

Reporting Tools

Compatibility: Compatible with Win 2000, 2000 Pro & 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7 with at least 20MB free space on the hard drive and 64MB memory. 

NIC Network Card Test (Included)

PC-Diag NIC Test was designed to detect and perform a network diagnostic on the cards installed in a computer. This simple to use, but professional network interface card test software will diagnose right down to low level information. The NIC Test provides its user with detailed reporting, network card information, traffic statistics and more! Compatible with Win 2000, 2000 Pro & 2003, XP and Vista with at least 20MB free space on the hard drive and 64MB memory. Included with PC-Diag Professional Suite or available to purchase separately. 

Remote Diagnostics & Helpdesk Software (Included)

The ideal solution for the Remote Help Desk Technician and PC and Network Support Personnel. PC-Diag's Remote Diagnostic solution enables helpdesk technicians to obtain detailed hardware information and run complex remote computer diagnostic testing on windows based PC's, either internally on a LAN or WAN Network, or externally  across a LAN, WAN or over the INTERNET, at any location Worldwide .

PC Diag's remote help desk solutions testing capability lets you run the same complex hardware tests on your customers, employees or client's computers that you might run on your own, no matter where they are located in the world, without leaving your desk! Imagine the time and money that can be saved. Run a centralized helpdesk for a single LAN network, or multiple remote sites worldwide, the possibilities are endless. Included with PC-Diag Professional Suite or available to purchase separately. Compatible with Win 2000, 2000 Pro & 2003, XP and Vista with at least 20MB free space on the hard drive and 64MB memory.


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