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Can You Overclock CPU with Software?



What’s a CPU overclocking software?

Overclocking is the process of using tools or programs to increase the clock rate speed of specific PC parts above their default configurations. It allows you to upgrade your system without replacing the entire computer.

The reconfiguration is done on the graphics cards, processor, and RAM of your computer to boost its performance and speed. Therefore, overclocking is resetting your weak and slow PC for better performance.

The nominal clock rate of different PC brands like Intel never hits the maximum GPU and processor performance limit. The performance reserve leaves room for tuning your PC when it slows down to make the most out of it.

So, why even bother to overclock your slow PC?

Benefits of CPU Overclocking

Overclocking sets a higher clock rate or multiplier within the BIOS of your PC. It sets the graphics card and/or CPU to handle more operations in a second. Therefore, the overall speed of your system and that of the processor increases.

Overclocking also results in excess heat generation and buildup, a risk to your processor durability and reliability. It then becomes necessary to manage and monitor extra heat load using cooling methods to prevent issues with your PC’s safety.

Other benefits of overclocking software include:

  • Supports the smooth running of software with heavy graphics.
  • Optimizes processors for optimal performance.
  • Enhances the performance of demanding programs.
  • Supports the high demands of gaming.
  • Generates smoother actions and better graphics.
  • Offers file loss, hardware failure, and malware protection.
  • Repairs common PC errors.
  • Revamps processors to run faster.
  • Custom tunes PCs to improve core, power, memory, and voltage settings to boost RAM, processor and motherboard performance.
  • Performs image rendering and transcoding gaming tasks that intensively uses the processor.
  • Overclocking is thrilling to many pro PC users.

However, the best overclocking software can easily damage your computer components beyond repair or shorten their durability if it’s not used right.

Therefore, it’s necessary to choose the best overclocking software designed to successfully tune your PC. Choose the right GPU or processor overclocking software for your unique needs.

Here’re some of the best overclocking software solutions to consider.

10 Best CPU Overclocking Program

1. AMD Overdrive

Designed with the features you need to overclock and tune your computer memory and processor, AMD Overdrive is one of the best overclocking software on the market. It deploys an extensive overclocking technique to improve system performance.

The software features memory profiles and pre-tuned settings for RAM overclocking. It improves the performance of DDR3.

With the auto overclocking feature and function for clock tuning, the AMD Overdrive software performs overclocking based on your computer’s capabilities.

The tool also allows tracking of:

  • Memory timing.
  • Voltage memory and memory clock.
  • Real-time memory clock performance.
  • Auto control and stability tests to improve the stability of your system.

2. EVGA Precision X 16

Designed by a reputable developer, EVGA Precision X 16 is EVGA’s latest GPU overclocking software. The high-performing EVGA Precision X program has been tried and tested for reliability. EVGA is an innovative and renowned developer.

The EVGA Precision X best overclocking software supports fine-tuning of graphics with voltage, GPU, and memory controls. What’s more, it’s compatible with Microsoft DirectX 12 API.

Other features of Precision X best overclocking software include:

  • RGB-color-based OSD interface.
  • Custom fan control and carve.
  • Pixel Clock Overclocking and memory clock.
  • Custom system profiling with hotkeys and 10 profiles.

3. NVIDIA Profile Inspector

Designed by a third party developer, NVIDIA Inspector is free and lightweight. It’s created for use with GPUs by the same brand.

The best overclocking software comes with all the features you may need to monitor your NVIDIA GPU’s performance. It weighs 129 KB only and features three tabs for monitoring GPU performance.

The fans built into the best overclocking software help with the management of fan speed and overclocking of your graphics card. NVIDIA Inspector is designed to auto-detect your computer’s graphics card. It also creates a comprehensive GPU profile of your PC, including its existing configuration.

Configure the GPU frequencies based on your unique needs. Furthermore, you can configure the fan speed of the NVIDIA Inspector or use the available auto mode.

4. MSI Afterburner

Developed with multiple features, MSI Afterburner is a popular GPU overclocking software. It generates a detailed hardware report, atop being compatible with almost all graphics cards.

Does MSI Afterburner Overclock CPU?

The free overclocking software gives total control of your graphics card through its user-friendly interface.

Other features of the MSI Afterburner overclocking software include real-time:

  • Temperature
  • Clock speed
  • GPU usage report
  • Voltage
  • Custom fan profile

The custom fan profile strikes a balance between performance and heat.

5. CPU-Z

CPU-Z overclocking software profiles and tracks CPU, RAM, motherboard chipsets, and other hardware parts. The free software collects information on module specifications, including memory timing, size, and type.

It also tracks memory and core frequencies, processor load and temperature, and fan speed. The program supports clocking speed tracking, documentation, and validation post system overclocking.

6. GPU-Z

Designed to track and document video card and graphics processor performance, the GPU-Z overclocking program is free and lightweight. The program supports various graphics brands such as AMD, Intel graphics, NVIDIA, and ATI. It enables users to validate your system performance and document it.

The simple, user-friendly interface displays GPU performance information such as default overclock, clocks, and available 3D clocks. The built-in load testing feature verifies the configuration of the PCI-Express lane.

Whereas CPU-Z boosts memory and CPU, GPU-Z improves graphic cards. However, two different developers are behind the overclocking programs.

7. AMD Ryzen Master

The overclocking program tunes performance for AMD computer components. All AMD GPU and CPU multipliers are active by default. Therefore, users of AMD PC parts can utilize the program to fine-tune AMD GPU, CPU, and memory performance.

The utility supports up to four distinct profiles to personalize performance for different apps. It’s compatible with DDR 4 memory, Ryzen (CPU), and Vega Graphics Radeon integrated into the

With a single overclocking software, you can accomplish so much with your PC graphics. For instance, you can change:

  • Graphics frequency
  • Memory timings
  • Optimize cores to meet your intended needs

The program allows overclocking of AMD RAM and CPU cores and RAMs for enhanced performance. The built-in status monitoring feature displays system status reports and performance in real-time.

The feature for reporting displays information on your PC’s temperatures, core clock rate, etc.

8. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU) & Desktop Control Center

Developed for performance tuning, over-clocking, and performance tracking, the Intel XTU program is compatible with recent CPUs.

The Intel XTU tuning software comes with features you need to overclock your Intel PC and track its performance. It features both proprietary and common Intel overclocking capabilities. The latter includes Intel XTU application processors and motherboards.

9. CPU Tweaker 2.0

The program is lightweight yet powerful enough to enhance the speed and performance of your computer processors. With it, you can fine-tune your CPUs memory timing using the built-in memory controller.

Other features include:

  • VCore support
  •  VDimm support
  • Performance tracking user interface

Although CPU Tweaker is powerful and ideal for fine-tuning and overclocking your PC, it’s meant for professional use.

10.  Riva Tuner

The NVIDIA GPU program for OpenGL driver level or Direct3D use supports system tuning. It’s ideal for creating profiles for all your active system applications.

With its low-level access to the hardware, you’re guaranteed efficient profiling of your computer system. It features hardware monitoring capabilities that work in real-time to track the performance of your system.

The patch script engine integrated registry editor makes the difference in this NVIDIA GPU overclocking software for tuning performance.

Other examples of the best overclocking software

  • Sapphire TriXX
  • MemSet
  • Intel GMA Booster
  • ASUS GPU Tweak II
  • SetFSB
  • ATI Tray Tools
  • nTune

Is Overclocking Easy?

Yes. You only have to learn how to use your overclocking software and follow a guide for the same.

How do I Overclock My HP CPU?

To overclock your HP processor, find a compatible over-clocking tool to help improve its performance. Follow the guide given on how to use the program. Alternatively, take it to a professional to help with the same.

What Makes the best Overclocking Program?

Make sure that your motherboard and CPU support over-clocking before attempting the process on your PC. Unlocked CPUs allow for overclocking.

Motherboard compatibility and related overclocking features are also important. Some motherboards feature integrated overclocking features to ease the process.

Look out for a manual or automated overclock features. The latter offers higher stability, while the former offers more effective performance optimization.

A cooling system is also necessary for overclocking. A liquid cooling system from a third-party provider would be handy in keeping your system cool. You may also consider custom liquid cooling for large scale CPU overclocking needs.

However, air cooling systems are ideal for basic overclocking jobs, and when there’s a need to keep costs low. A thermal paste or compound promotes efficient heat transfer between the Intel core CPU and the cooler.

Some coolers come with the paste, but it may be of poor quality. You also need a highly-rated power supply from a reputable brand for reliability.

The best overclock processor program has the following features:

  • Compatible with your CPU or computer
  • Displays data in real-time
  • Offers stress test
  • A cooling method and compatible with your graphics card
  • Reliable and developed by a reputable brand

You must also learn how to overclock CPU to make the most of your compatible Intel core graphics cards. Intel usually leaves room on the motherboard and graphics cards to boost performance.

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