How to Fix Windows 10 Random Crashes – 6 Solutions

How to Fix Windows 10 Random Crashes

Windows 10 is notoriously known for crashing randomly or freezing. Your PC may generally crash or freeze a couple of times and will stop doing it. However, it gets frustrating for some users when Windows 10 crashes randomly or Windows 10 freezes randomly, which keeps happening repeatedly. This may occur while you are in the … Read more

How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Freezes – 3 Solutions

Windows 10 Start Menu Freezes

The Start menu has been one of the key elements in the Windows operating system since its introduction with Windows 95. The Start menu has evolved multiple-folds ever since as Microsoft keeps introducing new features to it. This menu is so essential, operating a Windows 10 PC without it would be tough. Issues with the … Read more

How to Fix Windows 10 Update 1903 Stuck Issue?

Fix Windows 10 Update 1903 Stuck Issue

According to many users, they are facing issues with updating Windows 10 1903. This update was rolled out for Windows users in April 2019 by Microsoft. Users complained that the Windows 10 update 1903 either failed to update, install, or was stuck. If you are still stuck in a similar situation and unable to update … Read more

Windows 10 Wi-fi Problems- Fixed

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problems Fixed

Wireless Fidelity popularly known with short name WI-FI is a technology that allows electronic devices such as PCs, mobiles, tablets, Smart TVs wirelessly connects to the internet or LAN within its range. In this article, we are discussing Windows 10 Wi-Fi, its settings, features, and problems related to it and also the solutions to the … Read more

Windows Defender

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is an antimalware and antispyware software product by Microsoft for Windows 8 and above.  It attempts to detect and remove virus, malware, and other defective threats that tend to attack your Windows device. Formerly, Windows 7 and below versions had only Microsoft Security Essentials as built-in antivirus, and Windows Defender merely used to … Read more

Windows Insider Program

Windows Insider Program

Windows Insider Program is a beta testing option provided by Microsoft to test the upcoming operating system and its updates before the official launching. This program is mainly designed for Microsoft enthusiasts who are keen to try the new features. It was launched on September 14, 2014, during the revelation of Windows 10. Microsoft encourages … Read more

Windows 10 Shortcuts

Windows 10 Shortcuts

Shortcut keys are those keys which help you to access a menu by pressing a set of keys from the keyboard. Windows 10 offers improved support for keyboard shortcuts. If you are avid keyboard user then these keyboard shortcuts are likely to be helpful for you. Adopting Keyboard shortcut can reduce your working time significantly, … Read more

Error Code: 0x800706BA [Solved]

error code: 0x800706ba solved

  The error code: 0x800706ba is related to Windows update on Windows 10 computer. Corrupted files are the primary reason for error 0x800706ba mostly which are required to perform the Windows update on Windows 10 OS. If you are facing the same error code, here are some of the solutions for you. Run System Files … Read more