20 Windows apps you must have

Microsoft Store

New windows 10 comes up with the new improvised Windows store.  With millions of desktop application together with windows store apps makes windows 10 an operating system with the highest number of apps and programs. Though we cannot find every application you want on windows store, you can still download the desktop application in your … Read more

Blue Screen of Death [Solved]

Blue Screen of Death

Blue screen of death (BSoD) is the blue error screen displayed on your computer screen. Blue screen is caused by a critical error in your computer. Some people call it a system crash. It is a nightmare of every windows user. If a computer system reaches this screen, the computer will not be able to … Read more

Windows 10 Backgrounds (Windows Wallpaper)

Wallpaper or background refers to the digital image which is used for making the desktop more attractive. Wallpaper is used in desktop as well as mobile devices as background in Graphic user interface on the screen of any computer such as desktop, laptop, or mobiles. Windows wallpaper is the term used for images that enhance … Read more

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is an Antivirus Software developed by Microsoft Inc. as a built-in security program for providing protection against different species of malicious software, including computer viruses, Spyware, rootkits, and Trojan horses. Initially Microsoft security essentials 29 September 2009. Before version 4.5, MSE used to be operated on windows XP, windows 7, windows … Read more

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the latest web browser developed by Microsoft Inc. and launched with Windows 10, replacing traditional Microsoft default web browser for Windows OS devices, Internet Explorer. The logo and branding of Microsoft Edge Browser were created similar to that of Internet Explorer to maintain its legacy. The codename of the project for developing … Read more

Error code: 0x803f7001 [Solved]

error code 0x803f7001

These types of error are mostly caused during the installation of windows 10. Before windows 10, the activation process was different. That’s why most of the user gets the error code: 0x803f7001. Now we are about to see the methods to fix this kind of error. In the previous version of windows, windows would be … Read more

Error code: 0xC1900101 [Solved]

error code 0xc1900101

If you are trying to install or update windows 10, error code: 0xc1900101 popped out. You are not alone to face this error. Now don’t worry, we help you to fix this error. This is the most common error while installing/updating the windows. These errors are not difficult to fix. You just stick with us … Read more

Error code: 0x00000002 [Solved]

error code 0x00000002 solved

  The error code: 0x00000002 is the error related to the connection with the printer. The error 0x00000002 pops up with the error message “Windows Cannot connect to the printer – Error Code 0x00000002”. It is the common error which is mostly seen in Windows 7. Mostly, the error is caused because of inappropriate drivers … Read more

Error code: 0x80070032 [Solved]

error 0x80070032 solved

The error 0x80070032 is the error related to Windows Mail and Windows Store. When this error occurs, it will not let you sync your email folders. When you try to sync their emails, the error message is displayed as “Something went wrong… We can’t synch right now. Error code: 0x80070032″ You can solve this error … Read more

Windows 10 recovery

Windows 10 Recovery

Generally, recovery mode refers to the mode in which you can recover your important files and folders from any defect computer. Windows 10 offers plenty of tools for backup and recovery of your PC. You might have installed any software on your computer, and it stopped working properly, in such situations, you need recovery mode … Read more