How to Change WiFi Password on att?

You might enjoy using AT&T’s internet service as they are remarkable in telecommunications. However, despite subscribing to this trustable Wi Fi network, you must be concerned about your network security.

Because once the AT&T installation is complete, the technician may leave the equipment perfectly set up and configured. However, you will have a default Wi-Fi password that professional hackers can access easily.

So, it’s a good idea to make your internet network info more secure by changing its name and password while adjusting other necessary settings. This will protect your network from unwanted security breaches, and no one can access your Wi Fi network name unless you allow them.

Therefore, you may read this post to learn how to change your Wi-Fi name and password.

Why Should You Change Wi Fi Info?

You may find an AT&T router as a hardware connection point for using AT&T’s internet service. This modem can connect to all the devices you wish to use an internet connection for at home. The devices typically include your computers, tablets, smart TVs, smartwatches, mobile phones, etc.

However, the router you receive from your service provider has a default Wi Fi network name and password. The information is primarily printed in the manual and on your gateway device. Therefore, it is easy for other people to access your home network name, even if they have a slight idea of working with default passwords. So, if you continue to use your network name SSID and default password, you deliberately compromise your network security.

Here are two significant reasons why you should change your internet password.

To Protect from Hackers

Hackers can easily detect your routers with a default name or password. Once they access it, they can use it however they wish. They can use it to affect your online privacy, security, and performance.

To Protect Your Intenet Device Connected

If your internet connection gets hacked, it may cause your devices to slow down. Moreover, your device programs may crash and freeze. This issue will mainly occur due to worms, viruses, or Trojans that may eat your device’s resources while sitting in the background.

To Save Data Consumption

You may have subscribed for a set amount of data for your regular internet consumption. However, if multiple people use your internet connection, you will experience increased data consumption.

To Avoid Unwanted Ads

Some hackers may cause you to see several pop-up ads. In addition, adware might cause unsolicited clicks to generate illegal profit.

To Stay Connected to Your Network

In some instances, you may get locked out of your home network. This will likely happen if someone changes your default router settings.

Therefore, given the above reasons, you must change your Wi-Fi name and password. However, here are a few methods to improve your network security.

Where to Locate the Default AT&T Wi-Fi Name and Password?

If you can not find your default network name and password, here are two ways you can try looking for them:

Check Your Gateway Device

You will find a sticker printed with the Wi-Fi name on the side of your gateway. This ATT name is followed by the last seven digits of the gateway serial number. You can also look for the network name SSID.

In addition, the twelve-digit number you may find is the password for your Wi-Fi.

You may use these credentials to change your Wi-Fi password and name. However, if you use a Mac OSX device, you must use “$” at the start of your Wi-Fi password.

Check the Gateway Settings Screen

You may also access your Wi-Fi network info from any tablet, phone, or device connected to your internet connection. For example, you may go to the ‘Gateway Settings’ section and look for the Wi-Fi menu. You may find the Wi-Fi name marked as the network name SSID or Network ID. In addition, you will also find your default Wi-Fi password, which is listed as the Network Key.

How Can You Change the AT&T Network Name and Password?

Since AT&T offers a range of gateway devices, namely Arris BGW210 & NVG599, Pace 5268AC, Motorola NVG589, and others, changing your Wi-Fi name and password can be different for various devices. However, the altering process is mostly quite similar for all.

Here are two methods you can follow to change your Wi-Fi credentials:

Change Settings via Smart Home Manager

A great feature of the AT&T internet service is that they provide a free tool for AT&T internet subscribers to manage their home network. Moreover, it also allows them to personalize their Wi-Fi network info conveniently. The device is named AT&T Smart Home Manager App and is available for Android and iPhone users.

You can follow these steps to change your Wi-Fi password and name and use the Smart Home Manager app:

  1. Log in to the intelligent home manager from your smart device to change Wi-Fi info.
  2. Then, you may navigate to the main menu.
  3. Here, you must select More.
  4. Now, select your Wi-Fi network.
  5. Select the proper Wi-Fi connection.
  6. Now, you can change the name of your Wi-Fi and its password.
  7. Next, you must save all changes to complete the process.

An essential point to using the Smart Home Manager app is that you can access it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Moreover, you can use the app to reboot the gateway, apply parental control, track data consumption by each device, run a speed test, and much more.

Change Wi Fi Password via Device Access Code

Your router and or your device may not support the app offered by AT&T’s internet service. Therefore, you can change your Wi-Fi password manually. Then, all you have to do is follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to User Network. Then you may select Wi-Fi
  2. You may enter your Device Access Code in the given Access Code field. Here you will discover the Device Access Code from the label of your device.
  3. Next, you may select Continue.
  4. Scroll down to the area that says “Home SSID” or “Guest SSID.” Each band in use may have a different network name—2.4GHz, 5.0GHz., or 2.4GHz Guest.
  5. Ensure User SSID Enable is turned on before changing the Wi-Fi name, but enter a new name for your user network in the Network Name field.
  6. In the Security menu, select WPA-PSK to modify the Wi-Fi password. 
  7. Then, you may type your new password in the given field.
  8. Now, select Save to apply all-new settings.

Before modifying your Wi-Fi settings, remember to avoid using your personal information, such as names, addresses, recognizable terms, or other phrases in your network info.

This precautionary measure will protect your network info from other people who may know you and want to access your network name and password.

Update Your AT&T U-Verse Password to the Same Wi-Fi Name

All subscribers can benefit from using the gateway’s standard Wi-Fi access point. However, if you have a standard Wi-Fi router or enjoy online gaming or other advanced networking methods, you’ll probably want to use your router instead of the built-in wi-fi.

If you have your wireless router, ensure it doesn’t interfere with your gateway. For example, if your router is on the same Wi Fi name as the gateway, you’ll need to switch networks before connecting it to your gateway device.

If you wish to check your IP address or connect to a subnet, connect after launching the network connection status window. Following that, you can go straight to the details button. 

Will You Damage Your Internet Connection by Changing Settings?

Since not many people are tech experts, you may also believe that it might damage your internet service by adjusting its settings.

However, remain careful while changing the settings for your router. You can prevent unwanted situations from happening, as it is easy to mess things up while configuring settings you do not understand.

An easy solution to solve this problem is to avoid changing any setting you are unfamiliar with.

In contrast, adjusting a few simple settings, such as your Wi-Fi name and password, is relatively easy and safe.

However, you can reboot your router if you still make any mistakes. This will take all your network info back to default.

So, if you are concerned about damaging Your service, don’t worry. Just follow the steps correctly, and you’ll be fine.

Final Thoughts

In our digital age, security is a significant concern. Fast internet is fantastic but useless if your connection is not entirely secure. To avoid any security issues, you should update your default network name and configuration as soon as possible.

You can modify the Device Access code that may come with your equipment if you want to strengthen the safety of your AT&T user network. For all AT&T gateway models, you can generate a unique Device Access code.

Changing your internet connection name and password is pretty simple, and you can do it easily using the Smart Home Manager app or gateway device.

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