How to Connect Canon TS3122 Printer to Wifi

When buying a reliable and affordable printer, people prefer the Canon TS3122 printer because of its unrivaled performance. Furthermore, many users have positively responded to Canon printers’ print quality. In addition, Canon offers exceptional customer service to enhance the user experience.

If you have recently bought a new Canon TS3122 printer, you are at the right place to learn how to connect it to your home Wifi. This Printer comes with a network setup wizard that allows you to connect your laptop, desktop, Apple Airprint, Google Cloud, and Android mobile devices to print the documents wirelessly.

Types of Canon TS3122 Printer to Wifi Connections

A Wifi connection to the Canon TS3122 printer saves a lot of your time while connecting the laptop or smartphone to the Printer via wire. Moreover, you need to follow the Wifi network setup only once on your computer or smartphone, and later, it will be a matter of a single click on the print button.

The good news is that you can opt for the following Wi-Fi connection setups for the Canon Pixma TS3122.

  • Standard or Direct network connection method, also known as easy wireless connect mode.
  • The Wifi protected setup is also known as the WPS method.

Easy Wireless Connect Option

You can use this method if you don’t have a WPS button on the router.

  • First, you must start the Canon printer by switching the power button.
  • If the green light on the Printer blinks, you should press the Stop button so that the light turns solid and doesn’t blink.
  • You can find a Direct button on the panel. Press and hold this button for two to three seconds until you see a wireless icon blinking on the digital screen of the Printer.
  • You can run the installation process on the Mac or Windows computer from the setup CD or download the T32122 drivers from Canon’s official website.
  • Next, you need to run the Canon driver software on your laptop or computer and click “Start Setup.”
  • Installing the Canon Pixma TS3122 drivers and software takes a couple of minutes. After that, follow the on-screen instructions, enter the country or region’s name and accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  • The setup will prompt the firewall settings in the next step. It’s important to deactivate the block before proceeding.
  • You’ll see a “Check connection method” screen on your computer that displays the name of your Wifi network and Printer. You must select “YES” to proceed to the next step.
  • You need to enter your Wi-fi password on the custom dialog box and select “Next.”
  • This step will allow you to install the T3122 Printer on the computer with the wireless network settings you previously entered.
  • Lastly, the setup will ask about the printhead alignment. After selecting your preferences, you can wirelessly use the Printer from any device.

Quick Troubleshooting of Printer Settings

If you can’t connect the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer with your home Wifi settings, it’s probably because of the firewall update or a mismatch in credentials. However, if you can still not connect the Printer wirelessly after resolving the above issues, you can consult the user manual and call Canon Printer support for further guidance.

Canon TS3122 Wifi Protected Connection Setup to Wireless Router

As mentioned earlier, you can use this method to connect the Canon TS3122 printer to the home Wifi connection only if the router has a WPS button.

  • Start the Canon printer and see if the green light is blinking or not. If the light blinks, you need to press the Stop button because the green light should be solid to proceed to the next steps.
  • Next, please search for the Network button on the panel and press it. You’ll see that the wireless icon on the digital screen starts to blink.
  • Go to your router and search for the WP button. You must hold the WPS button for three to five seconds till you see the WPS light blinking on the router.
  • It takes around a couple of minutes to connect the Canon TS3122 printer to the Wifi connection.
  • The next step is to check whether the wifi connection is successful. If you can see the wireless signals icon on the digital screen of the Printer, it means the Printer is successfully connected.

Quick Troubleshooting Steps

If the connection isn’t successful using the above method, you can use the standard wireless connection method.

Connecting Canon TS3122 Printer to Wifi Network on Mac OS

You should know that the above connection methods allow you to connect the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer to the Wifi. That’s why it’s essential to follow the below steps to add the Printer to your computer’s list if you want to print documents.

You can use the following steps to connect the T3122 Printer to a Wifi connection on your Mac OS:

  • Navigate to the “System Preferences: on your Macbook and choose “Printer & Scanners.”
  • You must click the “+” icon on the next screen to add the Canon TS3122 printer to the Printer’s list.
  • Select the Canon TS3122 printer from the available list and “Add.”
  • The setup process is complete once you add the Printer. You can also send a test print to check the printing process.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wireless Network on Windows PC

  • Navigate to “Start” and select “Settings.”
  • You need to go to the “Devices” option and select “Printers and Scanners.”
  • Next, choose “Add Printer” and connect to a similar Wifi network as the Canon printer.

Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup to Smartphone

The good news is that Canon offers a user-friendly app called SELPHY to print documents from your smartphone. You can download the app from the Android play store and install it on your smartphone.

The next step is to register the Printer on the SELPHY app, allowing the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer to connect to the Android phone:

  • You should connect your Android smartphone to the Wifi network to which the Canon TS3122 printer is already connected. It’s essential that the phone or tablet isn’t connected to any other network or using data services.
  • Open the Canon SELPHY app and agree to the user license agreement.
  • The app is user-friendly and notifies you to follow a “Printer Setup” to add the Printer. First, you must select “YES” and proceed.
  • Since your smartphone and Printer are connected to the same Wifi network, the SELPHY app will automatically show the Printer on your initial screen. First, you must click “OK.”
  • Additionally, you must confirm the router’s name on the app. You need to enter the Wifi network key and select “OK.”
  • After following all the above steps, the app will save the settings and register the Printer on the Android phone. Connectivity is booming; you can print images and documents from your Android phone.
  • Your SELPHY app can access the gallery from the phone, allowing you to select the images inside the app.
  • You can also input other related information, such as paper size, print quality level, total count, etc.
  • Lastly, press the “Print” button to send the command to the Printer.

How to Connect Canon TS3122 to Apple AirPrint

As the name suggests, the Apple Airprint allows you to print from an iOS device, including an iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

  • First, you must ensure the Printer is online and connected to the required Wifi network. Similarly, your iOS device should be connected to the same wireless network.
  • Select the file or image you want to print and press the “Share” button.
  • Next, click on the print button and select the printer name. It would help if you chose an AirPrint-enabled printer.
  • Next, you can select the total number of copies you want to print and choose the “Print” option in the top right corner.

Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup to Google Cloud Print

  • First, you must register the Printer with Gloud cloud print. For this purpose, open the Google Chrome browser on your computer and choose the “Sign In” option from the main tab (three horizontal lines).
  • Next, enter the email and password of your Google account to sign in.
  • Go to “Settings,” select “Advanced Settings,” and open the “Manage for Google Cloud Print” option.
  • Here, it would help to choose the “Add Printers” option to select the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer.
  • After selecting, click on “OK.” You’ll see a confirmation message on the Printer’s digital screen.
  • Next, press and hold the Network button on the Printer.
  • The wireless icon flashes three times to complete the printer registration with Google cloud print.
  • Next, open the Chrome browser, log in to your Google account and choose the “Print” custom option from the main Chrome menu.
  • Go to the “Change” option and select the destination and the name of the Printer in Google Cloud Print.
  • Lastly, select the “Print” option. Now, the Canon TS3122 printer can receive the documents and print them. 

Troubleshooting Canon TS3122 Printer to Wifi Connection

You can follow these steps if the Canon TS3122 printer appears offline or facing connection issues:

  • First, start with the basics and check whether the printer is plugged into a power supply.
  • You should ensure that the Printer and device use the same wireless network. For instance, you won’t be able to print if your laptop is connected to any other Wifi connection or even a LAN connection. Therefore, it’s essential that both devices are online and connected to the same home or office Wifi connection.
  • You can restart the Printer, computer, and wireless router.
  • Alternatively, you can disconnect all the power connections and cables from the Canon printer, wait for a few minutes, and then restart. You can use the same method on your computer and wireless router.
  • You can check if someone has changed the home or office wireless network key.
  • Go to your computer settings to see whether the Printer is in the Printer’s list.

If none of the above troubleshooting techniques work, you can contact the Canon customer service team for early resolution.


A printer is no longer a luxury but a necessity in our homes. In addition, work-from-home and online learning require you to print essential documents and kid’s assignments.

That’s why the above guide will help you connect Canon TS3122 to your Wifi on a Windows laptop, Mac system, and mobile phone.

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