Wavlink Wifi Extender Setup

You just received a private call you cannot take in your living room. So, you go directly to your room in the corner of the house, and wham! Dead zone. If you have experienced this situation more than once, you must install a Wi-Fi range extender.

Sometimes, a wifi router fails to transmit its signals extensively across the entire building. This is mainly attributed to various walls and obstructions across multiple rooms and floors.

Installing a wireless range extender or wi fi repeater is the ideal solution for this problem. If you have already purchased a Wavlink device, here’s the setup process to start using it immediately.

What is Wavlink Wifi Extender?

Let’s face it. It is too expensive to buy a different wifi router to extend your wireless network across your building. But what if I told you that you could extend your existing wireless network by installing a wifi range extender?

Yes, with the Wavlink wifi extender, you can extend the signals of your existing wireless network and eliminate dead zones around your property. This way, you won’t face problems while trying video conferencing, gaming, or downloading movies in your room.

However, to ensure the Wavlink device works well, you’ll need to know the proper Wavlink wifi extender setup process. The guide below will map out all the process steps to help you out.

WiFi Extender Setup Guide

You’re on the right page if you have purchased a Wavlink wifi range extender but are concerned about the Wavlink extender setup. Believe it or not, you can get the device going within a few minutes if you know what to do without seeking any professional help.

Here’s a detailed guide for connecting your Wavlink extender with your wireless router and putting your device to optimal use.

Wavlink Wifi Range Extender Setup Steps

Before connecting your wifi extender with your wireless router or wifi device, there are some basic steps you will need to complete. Remember, if you miss any of these steps, you will face problems during your extender setup.

First, ensure your wireless router and Wavlink wifi extender are connected to a power socket. Additionally, turn both devices on to initiate the setup and place them close to each other.

Once you take these measures, your devices are ready for the Wavlink setup.

Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup in Repeater Mode

The Wavlink wifi extender device has several modes to customize your operations. For example, if you’re looking to extend your wifi signal using your wi-fi repeater, you’ll have to set it up on repeater mode.

Once you have placed your wi fi repeater in the same room as your router, start the Wavlink setup by connecting to the extender signals through your laptop or smartphone.

After that, open any browser of your choice, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, and type wifi.wavlink.com or in the address bar. Upon clicking enter, you will be directed toward a Wavlink extender setup page. Create a login password for your Wavlink setup and save.

Then, customize its mode and set it to the repeater. Now, select your wifi network from the list of available networks. This way, the extender will identify it as the primary network it has to work with.

Remember, you will have to add your wifi password and SSID to save the network on your extender device. Now, allow the Wavlink device to connect automatically to your wifi router. The process will take around 1-2 minutes.

Finally, you can place the Wavlink extender device in any location facing dead zones or subpar speeds. The device will use its dual powerful external antennas to repeat the signals from your wifi device and let you enjoy a flawless internet connection.

Setup Wavlink Aerial as Access Point in Wi fi Settings

If you want to set your Wavlink extender up as an access point, here’s what to do. First, place your wifi repeater close to your wi-fi router and open the setup page as mentioned above,

After you have created a strong password for your wi-fi extender, you can also choose a LAN Bridge or Access Point. This option lets you create a new SSID and password for your network.

Don’t forget to click apply after customizing the settings and connect both devices through an Ethernet cable. This way, you can easily use your extender as an Access Point.

Wavlink Extender Setup Via The WPS Button on Wireless Router

You should use the WPS button if you don’t remember your wifi password and want to connect your wifi extender to your wifi router. Not only is this process accessible, but it can get your extender working within seconds.

The WPS connection or wireless-protected setup for your Wavlunk extender is easy. First, turn your Wavlunk extender on, then place it close to your router. After that, locate the WPS button on your Wavlink extender and press it. Hold the button for a few seconds.

Then, repeat the same action with your wireless router and press the WPS button for a few seconds to establish the WPS connection. If you see the WPS light turn green, the WPS connection has been established effectively.

Now, relocate the Wavlink device to any location and connect your devices to the extended network. Using the WPS button, you can enjoy flawless wifi signals without entering your login details.

Final Words

You can set up your Wavlink range extender by entering its URL in your default browser or using the WPS button to complete the task. To ensure you meet the setup without any problems, check the hardware on both devices and connect them to the correct power outlets.

Furthermore, make sure you place them close to each other during the setup. While you can place them further apart after establishing a connection, your wifi extender should at least receive 50% of your wifi signals from working correctly.

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