Setting up Wifi Printer Driver for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are unique computers that can get things done faster and easier. They run on the Chrome OS with Cloud storage and excellent security features.

Chromebooks are primarily compatible with most printers that connect to Wi-Fi, like many brands such as the HP printer, Canon printer, Brother, etc. But, Chromebook printing still does not support Bluetooth printing.

Even though many easy-to-access applications are available, you can share data over multiple devices. If you want to make print copies of your work and are wondering if you can connect a Chromebook to a WiFi printer. The answer is yes, you sure can.

You can either try out a Chrome printer extension or even Google Service for this or have the Chromebook directly recognize your printer. These Chrome extension apps have many print settings and direct print options.

Nowadays, many modern printers are Cloud-ready printers; this eases the workload to a great extent. So let us check how to install a printer driver on your Chromebook.

How to connect WiFi printer with Chromebooks

There are two ways you can use to connect your WiFi printers with the Chromebook,

#1- With a USB cable

If your printer is not wireless or not internet-capable, you can either use the USB cable, as it does not use an internet connection, or you can even enter your IP address to connect the printer to your local WiFi network.

Step#1– Connect the printer and the Chromebook using a USB cable. If required, use an adapter.

Step#2– Launch the Chromebook’s Settings and type Print in the text space for search.

Step#3– Now select Printers and select Add printers.

Now you have successfully connected your Chromebook to the printer.

#2- Connect directly

Step#1– Launch the Settings menu on your Chromebook and select Advanced.

Step#2– Now, select your printer from the left side of the screen, and click on the option Add Printer.

Step#3- Go ahead and click the printer icon to connect it.

This and the previous method explained above can also help you connect your Chromebook to a new printer.

How to download a WiFi printer driver for Chromebooks?

To download a WiFi printer driver for Chromebooks, utilize the Wifi printer driver extension available on the Chrome web store.

Once the installation is complete, the Chromebook will automatically identify the printer connected to the WiFi. Be sure the Chromebook and the wireless printer use the same WiFi connection.

What to do once the driver is installed?

As mentioned above, Bluetooth printing is impossible with Chromebook printing; you can opt for a USB cable or the WiFi network to print.

Step#1- Make sure you have an excellent Wi-fi network; now connect your printer to the net using the IP address.

Step#2- Select the image or page you want and press Ctrl+P on the keyboard from any browser tab or document to take a print.

Step#3- From the options, select your printer using the down arrow.

Step#4– Now, select Print.

How to use WiFi printer driver for Chromebooks

#1- WiFi Printer driver Extension

Once you have installed the Wi-Fi printer driver extension, you will not be required to download or install any other program.

The disadvantage is that the extension does not support any printer. Therefore you will need to connect with the developers and ask to add a printer model.

#2- Google Cloud print system

Here is another way to use the WiFi Printer drive on your Chromebook the Google Cloud print feature.

Step#1- Launch the Chrome browser and type Chrome://devices into the browser’s address box.

Step#2– Under New Devices’s header, look for your printer and select the Manage option.

Step#3- In the next window, when you see the confirm registration box, click Register.

Step#4-Now, go on and follow the on-screen instructions to complete registration of Google Cloud Print.

#3- Direct connect wireless printer

This is the easiest way to use print drivers for Chromebooks. Here, you can also add your printer manually if you cannot find it among the added devices.

Step#1– From the bottom right corner of the screen, access Settings. Here, type Print in the address bar.

Step#2- Now select your printer name and also select Add.

Step#3– Now, select Add Manually.

Step#4– If prompted, you can set a name for your printer.

Step#5– Type in the IP address in the place provided. You will find this in the printer’s display menu or the wireless configuration settings.

Now go ahead and select the Add option.

Step#6– Add the printer’s manufacturer and model, then select Add once more.

You can use the Wi-Fi printer driver for your Chromebook now.

How to connect Xerox printer to Chromebook

Xerox printers offer many features and solutions for Chromebook users as they can print directly on command from the Chromebook.

Step#1– Launch the Chromebook Settings and select Advanced.

Step#2– Now, from the Printing header, select Printers. Here, type in your printer’s IP address and press Enter.

Step#3– To make a print, press Ctrl+P on the keyboard or the printer icon. You will require to select a destination printer.

Once done, check if the printer works with the Chromebook and if you are ready to print.

How to Update Chromebook?

If you face any issues with your Chromebook, your Chrome OS likely needs to be updated. First, navigate to the Update Settings from the Settings menu. If you see an update notification, click the Restart after Update option. This may take a few minutes, and your Chromebook will restart when done.


If you are facing connection issues, try checking if you have connected your internet network device correctly with the Chromebook. If you face printing problems, ensure the printer’s software is updated. Hopefully, this article was able to help set up your Wifi Printer Drivers, now, enjoy easy printing with your Chromebook.

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